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Accreditation documents

Members or Candidate programs that want to apply for accreditation or re-accreditation should review the accreditation documents linked below.

The documents for 2017 are posted and are the documents that should be used by approved candidates and members.

Questions about this information should be directed to:

ADI organizations based in Europe should contact the European Accreditation Coordinator for their application and paperwork instructions.

Accreditation Documents (useful downloads in pdf format)

Accreditation Procedures
Effective November 2017

Accreditation Process Chart
Effective January, 2017

Accreditation Manual part 1
Effective January, 2017

Accreditation Manual part 2 – Compliance Demonstration Guidance Notes
Effective January, 2017

Pre-assessment Paperwork Instructions
Effective January, 2017

Paperwork Summary Chart
Effective January, 2017

Common Questions & Answers
Effective January, 2017

Accreditation Annual Statement of Compliance
2015 – 2017

Additional related documents

ADI Minimum Standards and Ethics 2017
ADI Glossary