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Membership of ADI is open only to programs that have been accredited by ADI.

Accredited Members must be fully accredited by either ADI or the International Guide Dog federation. In addition, in order to retain membership, Accredited Members must pay the agreed annual fees, undertake re-accreditation when required and pay any required accreditation fees. Membership fees should be paid to the Coordinator of the regional chapter where ones exist in the agreed regional currency, or to the International Coordinator (in $US funds) where not.

Accredited members have voting rights and are able to attend all ADI and regional meetings.

By selecting an ADI Accredited Member program, you can ensure that the program is meeting the highest standards in the assistance dogs industry including standards for the treatment of clients, dogs, training and ethical business practices.

Find out how programs are accredited.

Candidate Status will be offered to “not-for-profit” organizations that train and place Assistance Dogs that meet the eligibility criteria.


The Candidate organization must:

  • Be a registered legal entity with charitable status (e.g. 501 (c) (3).
  • Have a creditable business plan
  • Have placed a minimum of 5 (five) assistance dog teams, that have worked successfully for a minimum of 1 (one) year
  • Must meet all requirements of ADI Minimum Standards and Ethics. PLEASE read carefully before applying.
  • Have a website that is updated and current with all information including contact information.
  • Have a name that meets ADI Board approval and cannot contain any terms that could mislead the public, such as certified, accredited, approved, qualified, etc.

All new Candidates must submit the following items with their request

1. A completed Candidate Nomination Application Packet

Click here to download the Candidate Nomination Application Packet.

2. Proof of nonprofit status, charitable status or 501 (c) (3) designation

3. Mission Statement 

4. Business Plan

5.  Current Annual Budget

6. Letter from Board President in support of the nomination

7. List of board members and occupations

8. Completed Letter of Recommendation Form from a current ADI Accredited Member*.

9. Reference Letters from three (3) assistance dog clients who have worked with their assistance dog successfully for a minimum of one (1) year*. 

10. Candidate Nomination Application Processing Fee (Non refundable)

* ADI Accredited Member Letter of Recommendation Form and Reference Letters must be submitted with your Candidate Nomination Application Packet in sealed envelopes.  Please do not have the reference letters sent under separate cover.  They will not be accepted.