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Programmes involved with ADI

Whilst ADI sets standards for the worldwide assistance dog movement, the international guide dog movement has its own organisation: the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF). ADI and the IGDF work closely together and have a number of joint protocols, the primary one being that all guide dog programs must be accredited by the IGDF. ADI will only accredit guide dog programs if they are also involved in training either service or hearing dogs, and then, only that part of their work is accredited by ADI. The IGDF does not accredit any non-guide dog programs.

Candidate status is offered to not-for-profit organizations that train and place Assistance Dogs that have met the ADI Board of Directors requirements to become a Candidate. Candidates have seven years to achieve accredited member status. If accredited member status is not achieved by the end of that time, the program will no longer be considered an ADI Candidate.

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