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Public Access Test


ADI provides a Public Access Test to candidates and members of ADI. The purpose of the test is to help ensure that a client has control over the assistance dog, that the assistance dog is stable, well-behaved, and unobtrusive to the public. This test is NOT intended as a substitute for various expectations and requirements that make up an ADI accredited program, nor is the test sufficient to certify an assistance dog team without additional testing.

Please be aware that the ADI Public Access Test cannot be administered without express permission from ADI. Only candidates and members of ADI have that permission.

PLEASE BEWARE: Permission is NEVER granted to individual trainers. Permission is NEVER granted to companies and organizations that are not candidates or members of ADI. 

Any organization that claims to train assistance dogs to “ADI standards” by using the Public Access Test or any other ADI materials without being accredited by ADI is making deliberately misleading claims. 

A copy of the ADI Public Access Test is available to ADI Members in the Members Only Section. Log in to the Member’s area and download the test.