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Use the programs search to search for accredited programs.

Accredited and Candidate programs

ADI has established standards for the assistance dog industry ensuring that:

  • Dogs are treated humanely
  • Clients are treated with respect and dignity
  • Training is delivered in a professional way at all times.

Accredited programs are programs that have met the high standards set by ADI. Accredited programs undergo an on site evaluation by trained assessors. Assessors spend several days interviewing staff, clients, volunteers and applicants in addition to reviewing paperwork and files to make sure that all of ADI’s standards are being met. Use the program search above to search for accredited programs.

Candidate programs have pledged to meet the ADI minimum standards and are working toward accreditation. Candidate programs have NOT had a site visit. Candidate programs have 5 years to meet the requirements for accreditation. Click here for a list of current ADI candidate programs

Full program lists by region

For a full list of all programs in a particular region, please click on the links below:

All programs in ADINA
All programs in ADEu
All programs in ANZAD
All programs in Asia
All programs in Latin America

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